How to make a light up dress

There are usually two types of luminous skirts available. The first method for creating a luminous skirt consists of making a plain skirt from woven fabric or mesh, and then adding light-emitting diodes to the inner layer. Light can pass through the inner layer of the skirt once the diodes have been energized. This kind […]

How to Buy Fiber Optic Fabric

echnology and fashion go hand-in-hand with fiber optic fabrics. They are, in essence, high-tech clothing. Textile weaving uses plastic optical fibers to produce this fabric.  As we all know, LEDs can be controlled by an electronic controller to change the color of the light. LED light transmits color to the optical fiber, causing the fabric […]

PATENT US7234853B2

cloth article made from the textile product; and a manufacturing method of the textile product.

Sewing Fiber Optic Fabrics

Fiber cloth fabric, also referred to as LED luminous fabric, luminous cloth, is woven from plastic optical fibers interwoven with warp or weft threads. By combining LEDs with electronic control systems and optical processing, the fabric can emit light and change color. Due to these characteristics of fiber optic fabrics, after the fabrics are cut […]

The Cutting Process for Fiber Optic Fabrics

An optical fiber fabric is a special type of fabric. Just like other fabrics, they also need to be cut before they can be processed and applied. So, how do you cut optical fiber fabric? Are there certain factors to keep in mind when cutting? The first thing we need is a basic understanding of optical fiber […]

What Is Fiber Optic Fabric

Optical fiber cloth, also known as LED luminous cloth, fiber optic fabric, or luminous cloth, is a textile material made from plastic optical fibers woven through a warp and weft. The F5LED combined with the electronic control system and optical processing allows the fabric tolight up and change color, and this is what makes it […]

How to Make Luminous Masks with Fiber Optic Fabrics

A result of the new COVID-19 situations in the past two years, masks have become more popular all over the world. In addition to medical masks, luminous masks made of optical fiber fabrics have also emerged, which combine technology and fashion. Below you will find a description of how luminous optical fiber masks are made: […]

How to Wash Fiber Optic Fabrics and Their Products

Fiber optic fabrics must be washed with water, they cannot be dry-cleaned. Some fabrics can be washed in a washing machine, and others cannot, depending on the different processes used. Here we will discuss both washing methods- machine washing and hand washing. 1. Machine Wash: Washable optical fiber fabric is typically made from soft two-layer […]

Fiber Optic Fabrics: The Weaving Process

Fiber optic fabrics, also known as luminous fabrics, are created through the interlacing of warps and wefts using plastic optical fiber as a warp thread. What are the steps involved in weaving these fabrics? Well, let’s go into more detail about this. 1. Preparation before weaving: a) First of all, textile engineers make a production […]

How Do Fiber Optic Fabrics Light Up?

The first step to understanding optical fiber fabrics is to understand how light is emitted. In order to weave a plastic optical fiber fabric, plastic optical fibers are woven into regular yarns as warps or wefts. A plastic optical fiber is a light-guiding fiber. Once the plastic optical fiber component in the optical fiber fabric […]