All you need to do is submit your product design to us, and our professional team and state-of-the-art machines can quickly make a sample within seven days.

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    In the past eight years, LUMISONATA has always adhered to customer-centricity and quality as its life, and has won a good reputation from customers. At the same time, we will continue to work hard to create more beauty and health by combining the power of technology and fashion.

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This luminous textile is made up of ultra thin optical fibers that glow evenly along the surface, Using very little power – and come available in several vibrant hues.

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    Founded in 2013, LUMISONATA is a leader in the smart optoelectronic textile industry.
    It focuses on the overall solution of smart optoelectronic textiles, and is committed to combining technology with fashion to make people more beautiful and healthier.
    We are a small and beautiful private enterprise, small because we are a small team of more than 60 people, beautiful because we have our own core competitiveness and own intellectual property rights, from design and development, fabric production, and finished product manufacturing.

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Provide ON-SITE GUIDANCE for orders over $300,000

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Charles Anthony


The first time I saw it, I fell in love with it, my customers bought it all said great, he will recommend to his friends.


Jessica Wistoft


They had a fast shipping time, 10 days to go, I needed it by Halloween and they only took 7 days, very fast, great quality product, I love it, it’s making me a hot seller on Amazon!




I love it got so many compliments on this hat! I would recommend it !

Public Welfare


  LUMISONATA has never forgotten its heart and has been sending various necessities to British orphanages for several years, hoping to pass on the love through its efforts.


    Love donation to Jindu Primary School in Dajing Town, Miluo City, Hunan Province, let’s walk with love and pass it out.

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