Fiber Optic Fabrics: The Weaving Process

Fiber optic fabrics, also known as luminous fabrics, are created through the interlacing of warps and wefts using plastic optical fiber as a warp thread. What are the steps involved in weaving these fabrics? Well, let’s go into more detail about this. 1. Preparation before weaving: a) First of all, textile engineers make a production […]

How Do Fiber Optic Fabrics Light Up?

The first step to understanding optical fiber fabrics is to understand how light is emitted. In order to weave a plastic optical fiber fabric, plastic optical fibers are woven into regular yarns as warps or wefts. A plastic optical fiber is a light-guiding fiber. Once the plastic optical fiber component in the optical fiber fabric […]

The Application of Fiber Optic Fabric

As science and technology advance, more and more optical fiber applications are becoming a common sight in all walks of life. There has been a big surge in the use of optical fiber fabrics in recent years, mainly due to the maturation of fiber-based fabrics. Let’s now discuss each application in detail: Application in banquet […]

Why the luminous fabric is able to light up, and where is can use in?

Luminous fabric introduction Luminous fabric is also called luminous cloth, is a new type of LED optical fiber luminous fabric, which is made of optical fiber combined with natural fiber and chemical fiber to warp knitting or weft knitting. The luminous fabric includes a fabric itself,a light-emitting fiber, and a light source. The end of the […]

How to Make Fiber Optic Fabric Products

The process is quite straightforward, but not without difficulty. Step 1: Product principle and characteristics The first thing we need to do is understand the characteristics and principles of optical fiber fabrics- optical fiber fabrics, also known as luminous fabrics, LED luminous fabrics, are a kind of plastic optical fiber used as warps or wefts. The […]

FAQ: Fiber Optic Fabric

1. Q: How do you light up the fabric? Answer: The fabric is illuminated by controlling the luminescence of LED lamp beads. The fiber bundle in the fiber fabric is coupled with the LED lamp beads, and the light from the LED lamp beads is injected into the optical fiber to make the fabric glow […]