FAQ: Fiber Optic Fabric

1. Q: How do you light up the fabric?


The fabric is illuminated by controlling the luminescence of LED lamp beads. The fiber bundle in the fiber fabric is coupled with the LED lamp beads, and the light from the LED lamp beads is injected into the optical fiber to make the fabric glow and light up.

2. Q: How to install LED lights on clothes?


Bundle the optical fibers in the optical fiber fabric and join them with the LED lamp beads. LUMISONATA has developed a mold in this regard, and can do this as easily as turning a screw.

3. Q: Are the products made of luminous fiber optic fabrics safe?


It’s safe. Since plastic optical fibers and ordinary yarns are used for weaving optical fiber fabrics, these materials are safe to use.

Blue optical fiber blanket treatment devices can be made using plastic optical fibers to treat neonatal jaundice, as well as other electronic accessories powered by polymer lithium batteries.

For the low-power F5 LED lamp beads, the voltage is 3.5 volts, maximum current is 60 mA, which is relatively safe to use. Fiber optic fabric products do not generate heat, conduct electricity, or emit radiation.

An authoritative testing and certification for CE, FCC, and ROHS makes the product safer. Since 2008, LUMISONATA has been manufacturing optical fiber fabrics, with mature technology, strict quality control, a good credit rating, and excellent credibility.

4. Q: Can you cut fiber optic fabric?


Yes, provided you understand the working principles and characteristics of fiber optic fabrics, and master the correct methods, you can easily cut fiber optic fabrics.

We have detailed specific methods and steps on my blog: https://www.lumisonata. com/The_Cutting_Process_for_Fiber_Optic_Fabrics.html

5. Q: Will the fiber optic fabric get hot?


No. This is because the plastic optical fiber in the fiber optic fabric emits light. A fiber optic fabric is not luminous, it is a light guide.

6. Q: Can I wash luminous clothes if they get dirty?


The instructions for cleaning can be found on the product, or you can visit my blog to read the article on how to clean fiber optic fabric.

Follow these steps to clean fiber optic fabrics:

7. Q: What should I do if a part of the fiber optic fabric product is not bright??


The fiber bundle in the fiber fabric is generally disconnected from the LED coupling part, so the light of the LED lamp cannot guide into the plastic fiber in the fiber fabric, resulting in some areas of the fiber being dim. It must be removed in order to be repaired. Simply retighten the disconnected optical fiber bundle and LED after opening the product.

8. Q: What should I do if I can’t charge it?


Two reasons can cause the charging to fail: one is that the USB cable is faulty. Try another charging cable to see if it works. Nevertheless, if it doesn’t charge, it may be due to the battery. A product that has been sitting un-used for very long could have gone bad. In this case, if the battery is greatly discharged and cannot be recharged, a different battery/controller is needed.

9. Q: What should I do if one color is not bright?


It can be due to the failure of one of the four soldering pins of the LED lamp bead. Using molds is the best way to handle this situation. LUMISONATA has done a good job in this respect, and this cannot be an issue or problem with their products.

10: Q: Is express service available?


Yes. However, this type has a built-in polymer lithium battery, so comprehensive safety data is required. LUMISONATA has been exporting to Europe and the United States since its establishment, and logistics delivery has been relatively smooth.

11. Q: How many colors are there?


This depends on the electronic controller used in the product configuration. Several of these are 7 colors, but the universal color is determined by the AI on the mobile phone. You can debug all colors on a mobile phone.

12. Q: What does the fabric look like without the light on?


Normally, it isn’t too different from ordinary fabrics. The following pictures and videos provide more details:

13. Q: How to buy fiber optic fabrics?


You can buy LUMISONATA online. We offer fabric weaving and fabric cutting services, semi-finished products, and finished products. We offer an array of products and services for the optical fiber industry. The majority of manufacturers get their raw materials from us.

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