Why the luminous fabric is able to light up, and where is can use in?

Luminous fabric introduction

Luminous fabric is also called luminous cloth,

is a new type of LED optical fiber luminous fabric,

which is made of optical fiber combined with natural fiber and chemical fiber to warp knitting or weft knitting.

The luminous fabric includes a fabric itself,a light-emitting fiber, and a light source.

The end of the light-emitting fiber is connected with the light source to form a light beam,

and the surface of the luminous fiber is provided with light-transmitting points,

so that people can see the lighted lines of the luminous fabric.

The reason of the luminous fiber is woven into the fabric itself.


the luminous feature of the fabric will not disappearing with cleaning,

and the addition of luminous fiber,

improve the toughness and elasticity of the fabric.

The light-transmitting points are set on the surface of the luminous fiber fabric,

in order to the lighted points can be fully exposed, 

and the eye-catching visual effect of shining stars is produced.Luminous fabric, 

with optical fiber in the textile fiber,

the optical fiber is connected to the RGB LED source, 

and the LED source is connected to the power supply.

Luminous fabric features and application  

The novelty fabric has a simple structure, soft fabric and good luminous effect.

Unlike phosphors, the luminous fabric will have a brighter luminous effect and support continues recharging use.

It can be made into various costumes or props,

suitable for night performances or catwalks, 

increasing the live effect of stage performances.

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